I pour my heart into the art I create, and take immense pride in the business I run.  With photography, I have been given the opportunity to live my life in a way that not only feeds my soul,  but keeps a roof over my head.  It's led me to meet people across the country that upon first meeting, a kinship of the likes of already having known them an entire lifetime, is felt.  It's taught me more about myself than anything else I've yet to endeavor, and I couldn't be more grateful.  

Artistically, I am looking to connect with those people that are ready to put everything on the line, with no shame, in order to produce truly authentic, real, and raw moments;  the ones ready to open themselves up to me so that I may guide them through a genuinely unique experience with the acknowledgement that the end result will be something so powerful that the emotions felt will live on and be brought to life for years to come.

 Because jFairchild Photography is my career and livelihood, it is imperative for me to operate my business in the most sustainable fashion creatively, and ethically, so that I may ensure it's continuation for as long as I choose it.  To me, it is critical for client and artist to be an appropriate match not only artistically, but respectively.  I am looking for clients that value my artistic style and the products I have to offer, as well as respect the business that I run.


jFairchild Photography offers a variety of packages (each boasting unique benefits) in all categories below.  If you are ready to invest, in every sense of the word, please email [email protected] to receive a complete and detailed package book. 


from $225*

Professional Portraits

Creative Portraits


from $575

Family Portraits

Family at Home


from $450

Boudoir Package A

Boudoir Story

Boudoir Package B


from $725

Maternity at Home

Newborn at Home

Newborn Package


from $825

Couples Story


from $3900

Wedding Package A

Wedding Package B


*all prices subject to change without notice