I think the most important things in this life are our love for each other and the connections we make. With weddings and daily family life being just that it gives me a deep sense of fulfillment to be able to solidify that love for others, on a constant basis. 

Rooted in nostalgia, my approach to photography, whether it be your wedding day or an in home session, seamlessly merges candid and journalistic shots with fine art portraiture to create a cohesive and moving narrative of that particular day in your life.  Not only am I confident in my abilities as a photographer and my people skills, Iā€™m also confident in my ability to be perceptive to the kind of people Iā€™m photographing, thus enabling me to accurately capture their genuine essence.  

Why choose me? I take my business very seriously in terms of accountability, honesty, and professionalism. I respond quickly, communicate effectively, and aim to exceed your expectations on all accounts.  

Now beyond all of that, what you really need to know is that Iā€™m quick with a joke, will ask you as many questions as it takes until I feel like I know you, and will befriend you before you even know what happened.  So let's....be friends, shall we?